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In Georgia, most legal disputes resolve before going to trial. Settling a case outside of the courts can be beneficial, but the net result is that few Georgia attorneys regularly try cases before a judge or jury. When it comes to understanding what it takes to present a winning case, however, there is no substitute for practical experience, and it is critical for anyone involved in a case proceeding to trial to retain an attorney with the knowledge and resources to help them protect their interests. At Poole Huffman, our seasoned Atlanta business dispute attorneys have ample experience trying cases in Georgia’s state and federal courts, and we often take over or act as consultants for other firms when it becomes evident that a case is going to trial. Contact us today to discuss how our trial practice and consulting services can benefit you and your clients. We regularly represent parties in business disputes in Atlanta, Tucker, and Decatur.

Trial Practice and Consulting

We offer a wide range of trial practice and consulting services to firms seeking successful outcomes for their clients. For example, we often act as local counsel for attorneys not licensed in Georgia, offering guidance and assistance, drafting legal documents, and appearing in court.

We also act as jury consultants for other attorneys, helping them assess the strengths and weaknesses of their cases, developing trial strategies, and providing insights into potential jurors’ behavior and decision-making process. While most jury consultants are psychologists and not lawyers, we can sit at counsel table alongside attorneys and take part in the questioning.

Additionally, we can assess how a jury will evaluate claims and arguments by analyzing the facts, evidence, and legal issues in a case to determine how appealing it will be to a jury. This analysis can help attorneys develop effective strategies and arguments that will resonate with jurors and increase the likelihood of a favorable verdict.

We can conduct mock trials as well to allow you to test your case strategies before trial, so you can identify and address potential issues and better understand how jurors may react to your arguments and evidence. We can also help you prepare for trial by developing compelling narratives and trial themes that offer persuasive arguments and resonate with juries.

Another important service we provide is assessing evidentiary issues to help attorneys to develop strategies and arguments that maximize the likelihood that key evidence will be admitted. In addition to assessing the jury and the strength of arguments and evidence, we also help firms draft essential trial materials, like motions in limine and juror questionnaires. After the jury completes their questionnaires, we can analyze them to identify potential jurors’ biases, prejudices, or conflicts of interest to aid you in selecting a fair and impartial jury. We can handle the voir dire process and argue strikes for cause and Batson challenges as well.

When it is time to try the case, we can aid you in drafting and perfecting your opening and closing statements and, if so desired, can deliver the statements during trial. We can also prepare and handle direct and cross-examinations of witnesses.

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Parties involved in civil litigation only have one opportunity to try their case, and it is critical that they do not leave their rights and reputation in the hands of someone unfamiliar with the Georgia trial process. At Poole Huffman, our knowledgeable Atlanta business dispute attorneys offer trial practice and consulting services to firms, and if you need assistance preparing or trying a case, you should contact us today. We regularly try cases before the Georgia state and federal courts and handle business disputes and other civil claims in Atlanta, Decatur, and in Tucker, where our office is located. We also regularly provide trial practice and consulting services in cities throughout Fulton, DeKalb, Cobb, and Gwinnett Counties. You can contact us at 404-373-4008 or via our online form to schedule a conference.

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