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Poole Huffman is a dispute resolution law firm serving the metro Atlanta area with expertise in business and real estate disputes and a strong commercial collections practice. With personal and business clients throughout Georgia, our clients turn to us every day for our unbiased counsel and established skills. Below are our practices areas:

Business Disputes

We handle all types of business disputes, small and large. How and when to resolve business disputes is first and foremost a business decision. We understand that. Take a look in this section to understand our approach to solving your business dispute.

Contract Disputes

When contractual promises are not met, businesses are damaged. Our clients rely on our experience and counsel to find cost-effective solutions to resolve their dispute, whether through mediation, arbitration or trial.

Real Estate Disputes

Resolving real estate disputes encompasses a large portion of our practice. Our clients include, among others, lenders, borrowers, developers, landlords, property managers and contractors. Inside this section, you will find the many areas of real estate disputes we handle.

Landlord Representation

We represent commercial landlords of all shapes and sizes in disputes with their tenants. From eviction all the way to judgment collection, you can rely on us to pursue your delinquient tenant in order to maximize your return.

Commercial Debt Collection

In every economy, but especially in this economy, customers are slow-paying or not paying at all. We combine a knack for investigation with a knowledge of this specialized field of law to help put money back into our clients’ pockets

Judgment Collection

Our judgment collection services are for clients that have already secured a judgment against their debtor, but have been unsuccessful in collecting. Our firm brings the unwavering tenacity necessary to secure money for our clients.

Creditor’s Rights & Bankruptcy

Poole Huffman represents lenders and creditors in defending their rights both inside and outside the bankruptcy courts

Partnership and Fiduciary Disputes

A fiduciary duty is a legal or ethical obligation by a person or entity to act in the best interests of another. Business partners, managers, corporate directors and officers, and trustees owe fiduciary duties.

Ponzi Schemes

Parties interested in buying securities often lack the time or expertise to conduct a thorough evaluation of the best way to allocate their funds and will rely on the advice of a broker or financial advisor when choosing investment opportunities

RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) Act

The Georgia Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization (RICO or R.I.C.O.) Act is criminal statute that often used in civil litigation. We litigate RICO cases on behalf of individuals and corporations who have been victims of theft, fraud, or other unscrupulous business practices. Similarly, we defend RICO cases in which overzealous attorneys have tried turn a simple breach of contract matter into a RICO case.

Trial Practice and Consulting

Unlike many other litigators, the attorneys at our firm have substantial jury trial experience in federal and state courts, including trying the first federal civil jury trial in Georgia after COVID 19. We can act as trial consultants, jury consultants, co-counsel, first chair, or even try the case for you.

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Todd took over the case within weeks of trial, and crafted a trial strategy and crystal-clear message that impressed our...

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Todd won a $400k judgement for me with less than 30 days to prepare. In another case he defended me against a bank with the...


Mr. Poole works especially hard to understand the matter prior to taking action, and is able to weigh the cost of legal...

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