Creditor's Rights & Bankruptcy

Poole Huffman represents lenders and creditors in defending their rights both inside and outside the bankruptcy courts. Our attorneys have extensive knowledge and experience in the areas of debt restructuring, workouts, settlements and litigation, as well as experience in traditional bankruptcy proceedings in Chapter 7, 11 and 13 cases. Poole Huffman represents creditors in both consumer and commercial bankruptcies.

Examples of matters include:

  • Out-of-court debt restructuring and workouts;
  • Seeking receiverships over commercial real estate and businesses;
  • Dealing with problem real estate and asset-based commercial loans and leases;
  • Negotiating and objection to confirmation plans;
  • Representation of, or participating in, creditor committees;
  • Issues involving unexpired leases and other executory contracts;
  • Requesting modification of stays;
  • Defending mortgage lenders, both first and second position liens; and
  • Fraudulent conveyance and preferential litigation.
Client Reviews
"Todd took over the case within weeks of trial, and crafted a trial strategy and crystal-clear message that impressed our jury. Todd skillfully presented our case and masterfully cross-examined opposing witnesses. By the time of trial, Todd understood the facts, contracts and legal theories better than anyone involved in the case, and over the one-week trial, presented it in a way the jury could understand." Dick W.
"Todd won a $400k judgement for me with less than 30 days to prepare. In another case he defended me against a bank with the result being the bank officer resigned and a third party agreed to pay me a significant settlement." Richard
"Mr. Poole works especially hard to understand the matter prior to taking action, and is able to weigh the cost of legal action versus the likelihood of collection. His focus on relationship building and being seen as an extension of the service our credit union provides, is a real benefit. I highly recommend Todd Poole." A.A.