Trial Practice & Consulting

With most cases settling, very few litigators have actual trial experience. At Poole Huffman, we frequently try cases to juries in federal and state courts. We often take over for other firms when it becomes clear that trial is necessary. We understand Georgia jurors and how they differ between counties and federal judicial districts. We also regularly conduct bench trials, arbitrations, and special master trials.

Having the skill and the reputation of success in trials is what you want in your attorney. At Poole Huffman, our lawyers have both and it is helpful in every case whether it settles or goes to trial.

We also can assist other attorneys in several ways. For Georgia attorneys, we can act as consultants, co-counsel, first chair, or even try the case for you. For out-of-state law firms, we are also happy to serve as your local counsel, particularly in cases that are likely to go to trial.

We are also delighted to use our trial experience to serve as jury consultants. Unlike most jury consultants, who are psychologists and not lawyers, we can sit at counsel table with you and participate in the questioning.

We are willing to assist with trials on an hourly, contingency, or mixed fee basis.

Consulting services include:

  • Local counsel
  • Jury consulting
  • Mock trials
  • Evaluating the jury appeal of a case
  • Assessing evidentiary issues
  • Drafting and arguing motions in limine
  • Creating trial themes that resonate with juries
  • Drafting juror questionnaires
  • Evaluating completed juror questionnaires
  • Participating in or handling voir dire
  • Anticipating or handling strikes for cause
  • Arguing Batson challenges
  • Weaving the trial theme through all aspects of the case
  • Drafting, perfecting, or handling opening statements
  • Preparing or handling direct examinations
  • Preparing or handling cross examinations
  • Drafting, perfecting, or handling closing arguments
Client Reviews
"Todd took over the case within weeks of trial, and crafted a trial strategy and crystal-clear message that impressed our jury. Todd skillfully presented our case and masterfully cross-examined opposing witnesses. By the time of trial, Todd understood the facts, contracts and legal theories better than anyone involved in the case, and over the one-week trial, presented it in a way the jury could understand." Dick W.
"Todd won a $400k judgement for me with less than 30 days to prepare. In another case he defended me against a bank with the result being the bank officer resigned and a third party agreed to pay me a significant settlement." Richard
"Mr. Poole works especially hard to understand the matter prior to taking action, and is able to weigh the cost of legal action versus the likelihood of collection. His focus on relationship building and being seen as an extension of the service our credit union provides, is a real benefit. I highly recommend Todd Poole." A.A.