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When an Opponent’s Alleged Deception Can (or Cannot) Entitle You to a Reversal of a Court Order in Georgia
Poole Huffman, LLC

When you are involved in commercial litigation, you might be faced with many possible challenges. As one example, what if you believe that your opposition flat-out lied to the court in order to obtain a favorable ruling? This is one example of the many possible unexpected events that may affect your case, and it illustrates…

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Confirmation Letters – Avoiding Potential Conflict Regarding Agreement Terms
Poole Huffman, LLC

In a fast-paced practice with budget-conscious clients, attorneys typically talk, make agreements and then move on. In most cases, the agreements are upheld, and the parties abide by them. For some, however, one side fails to uphold the commitment and may even dispute the terms of the agreement. The resulting dispute can arise from a…

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Securing Your Credit Union Pt. Ii: Keeping Internal Fraud Out
Poole Huffman, LLC

Credit unions must always be on guard against the possibility of internal fraud. A Baltimore credit union recently discovered that its CEO and her husband were embezzling money. She did so by falsifying records and issuing checks to herself under the guise of paying for bank expenses. Investigators also found irregularities in loans that the…

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Securing Your Credit Union Pt. I: Making Cybersecurity a Top Priority
Poole Huffman, LLC

Cybersecurity is the new frontier of fraud prevention. As more information ends up on the internet, retailers and financial institutions are learning it the hard way. The data breach of Target demonstrates that even when financial institutions are not the victim, they can still suffer losses. In 2013, over a three-week period, hackers gained access…

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